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News and updates will always be found here. From upcoming releases, to our word and song of the day. Our novelles page is your one stop shop for all the nouveautés. 

Night in the City

About IB French Survival Guide Plus

We aim to empower students to change the world through language acquisition and mastery. 

Knowing a second language is a skill that cannot be quantified in dollar signs or euros; it is a priceless skill that will open up doors that are not open to those who only speak one language. Knowledge of two or three languages allows people to to see the world with a different set of eyes. By exposing themselves to a second or third language they are exposed to new cultures and develop new ways of seeing and understanding things. 

More Coming Soon

Why join IB French Survival Guide Plus?


IB French Survival Guide has proudly served a global cohorts of students for over 5 years. We are evolving and now more than ever before will you be able to create a sense of community with other students and educators alike. 

Language Acquisition Resources

IB French Survival Guide Plus has a growing library or resources to offer both students and educators alike. Our library is growing day by day, year by year. Our resources are created by our staff and only available here. Printed guides and resources coming soon. 

Language Acquisition Simplified

Foreign Language Acquisition is not easy. But IB French Survival Guide Plus will provide you with tips and tricks that simplify Language Acquisition for Non-Native Speakers learning French as a second Language. 

Survival Guides Overview

Survival Guides and activities are currently being developed for the below courses. These guides will provide students and educators alike with a wide array of tools that will prepare them for the courses and subsequent examinations. 



Eiffel Tower Paris

IB French Survival Guide Plus

French Language Learning Simplified

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