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Coucou et Bonjour, bonjour, bonjour!

Hello everyone old and new? Is anybody out there? No? Well… that is entirely my fault.

First and foremost I would like to thank everyone who has supported this site and this community over the years. Your support over the years means more than I will ever be able to vocalize or express. That said there is much to discuss, so buckle up madames et messieurs.

There is a lot of plus going around lately. Disney +, Discovery +, Paramount + and we’re hopping onto the bandwagon. IB French Survival Guide started 5 years ago with the goal of offering support and services to only students studying French B for the IB Diploma Programme. Over the years, I received countless emails and messages from students and educators of all levels and backgrounds and as a result the focus of this website and community has shifted. By becoming plus, we are opening the doors to students of French of all levels and at the same time providing educators with different resources and viewpoints for teaching language acquisition.

The Covid-19 pandemic really changed how language learning takes places. Traditionally language learning was only successfully possible in person with your fellow classmates and with an instructor dictating what you would learn; textbook and stylo in hand. Now the possibilities are endless. The shift to online learning has forced educators all over the world to develop entirely new curricula and utilize new methods of instruction to keep up with all that the digital sphere has to offer.

IB French Survival Guide has now become IB: French Survival Guide +. The IB no longer represents International Baccalaureate but the ‘I’ indicating the self and ‘B’ represents the verb to be. In short… I BE: French Survival Guide. We will continue offering resources for students studying the IB Diploma Curriculum but we will also be offering resources for students studying AP French Language and Culture, the DALF and DELF examinations, and for anyone wanting to learn French in general.

We’re bringing community and collaboration to the forefront, and I am excited for what the future. Thank you for joining us and for allowing us to become… PLUS.

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